About the Author

Some random non-writing (and writing) facts about me:

* I break for green tea ice cream (strawberry and Fosselman’s Real Pistachio, also.) I love ice cream… and donuts (lemon weapon at Donut Friend). Who am I kidding? I simply love FOOD, really delicious food (and tea!) I have been known to tear-up when there is a flavor party in my mouth.

* My day job is:   1) being a mom (is it a job if I get paid in kisses – yes!)   2)  Writing features for magazines and newspapers  3) being a “Hot Hula Fitness” instructor (on and off.) And no, hula hoops are not involved. Rather, think fast Tahitian hips.

* I’m smitten with my 13 lb. terripoo/schnoodle, writing partner, hairy daughter, Bree (see photo below.)

* I count myself fortunate to live “here” (even with all our flaws.)

* I don’t like:   1) smelly bathrooms  2) flies that buzz around my face  3) accidentally walking into spider webs!

* I’m blessed with a wonderful family and I am usually aware of this, except when my 2 boys are extra “spirited,” (yes, both the biological and adopted one; what are the chances?) But what can I say; look at their mom! And my husband is a saint; I learn from him continually.

… There are a few more facts about me, just a few; you can find glimpses of them as you explore the entries. Enjoy! And thank you for reading 🙂 -Ann
What I write:

*Picture Books     *middle grade novels/short stories     *Young Adult novels

*Non-fiction for children     *newspaper and magazine columns and features

Follow me here:

* Stay up to date on my writings and “like” the page (Thanks!) https://www.facebook.com/annsukwang

* twitter handle: ImWonderingWhy

* Read my Yelp reviews under Ann W. (from South Pasadena, CA)  http://www.yelp.com

* older pieces at http://annsukwang.wordpress.com/


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