life & culture in LA

Succulent in Southern California. Taken by Ann Suk Wang

Welcome to my beautifully diverse community, focusing on people, culture and life around Los Angeles, CA and the San Gabriel Valley in particular. Hopefully we can learn together, through stories: feature articles, book reviews and thoughts about the writing life (especially as it relates to journalism and writing for children through young adults).

Stories are FUN! But dig a layer deeper and discover how much more stories reveal truth, encourage, and inspire. Dig even further and unearth who we are and who we hope to become.

I have enjoyed excellent stories all my life. In fact, in my earlier years, at the end of my last summer reading program at the Glendale Public Library, I proudly (though a bit embarrassingly) towered over my fellow readers as one of the oldest kids participating. I wrote books and songs in elementary school and jr. high (and still do), making my friends learn them. One of my best friends, Joy, still knows every word of a particular song!

The awe I possess for beautifully crafted stories has never left me — whether as entertainment editor of our high school paper, in journalism/communications in college and grad school, or writing for the Daily Bruin at UCLA and working with Reading by 9 at the Los Angeles Times. I continue to write (for children, for a local newspaper and magazine, and for online publications) because it enlivens me!

Stories may serve as an escape from the mundane or a refuge from painful realities in life. Sometimes they’re used as teaching tools and other times, for pure entertainment. Whatever the initial draw, truly great stories bring us back, linger in the soul, mold who we are, or encourage us to be the children God created us to be. And for me, children’s stories especially, can be deeply profound, moving, and yes, FUN beyond what my adult mind must linger on for most of the day.

So join me here (on facebook and twitter, too) and enjoy a good story, discover new things, and dream with me.

Hoping to discover new and interesting things together,

Ann Suk Wang

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  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful article on the recent events in South Pasadena. You said it so well and with great sensitivity.
    I have shared it on our Facebook page and it has been seen hundreds of times.
    Natasha Prime for
    The Place of South Pasadena

    Liked by 1 person

    1. asukwang says:

      You are very welcome. And thank you for all you do with teens. I’m inspired by your work and passion.


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