A Dream Coming True

For as long as I can remember, stories have flooded my daydreams and demanded my attention at night. Whether at 4 PM or 4 AM, I’d write them down on napkins and in my phone, weaving them into poetry and prose (eventually) on a computer screen.

When I couldn’t sell a story, I’d wonder if I should continue. The answer was always… YES! Whether for myself, for those close to me or for the public, one day (if ever) I had to write because it was how I was created, to make sense of the world through words.

So when I finally got the attention of a literary agent at The Bent and an editor at Dial (Penguin Random House) simultaneously, I knew it was time, the perfect time. It’s hard to think God didn’t have a hand in it because it was all coming together like a beautifully choreographed dance. At last, I think I was ready, too. (More on this, in my next post!)

And if you’ve been here with me, reading and encouraging me (even though you didn’t know it) as I posted my journalistic pieces, THANK YOU! I hope you will stay for my journey into children’s publishing (and more?).

The website will probably go through some changes, as I. Not only the look, but the content as well. I hope to bring along children (of course), parents, writers, educators and all who believe in stories made for kids (if some adults find them valuable and fun, too, great!) I plan on addressing the writing life, the road to publication, snippets of writing… while making it worthwhile for you, all who subscribe, to get additional perks.

Come along. I’ll keep writing and interacting with you. Together, let’s see what exciting adventures lie ahead, where this dream leads…

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  1. Victoria Aranda says:

    Dear Ann, I am so happy to see your story finally making its way into the hands of little ones. Your words will brighten their futures.

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