Letter to Governor DeSantis and Others Who Lean Toward His (Il)logic

A letter I sent to his office soon after his public display of bullying kids who wore their masks (definition of “bullying”: intimidate the more vulnerable) We are not out of the woods…

Please apologize in public, on camera to the kids (and their families) you yelled at on camera. You use that footage to fundraise and are proud of a grossly mean moment. It’s disgusting.

Your “theater” of unmasking in a crowded room of kids and their potentially ill families at home is disturbing and far worse than what you so self righteously are angry at (get that log out of your own eye before picking at the speck in others.)

Why do you yell at our youth for protecting themselves and others like decent people, like doctors and staff do in the hospital or like regular humans who simply cover a sneeze?Do you also sneeze all over people without any attempts to cover!?

Honestly, this is not political. But your extreme reaction and disregard makes it more “political.”

Shame on you for often taking the angry, rude, and uncontrolled way through a situation. It must stop. Don’t add to the hate in this world that is clearly destroying it (more so these days.) Apologize and change for the better.

Peace, Ann Wang

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