12 Days of Christmas Ornaments: A Tradition of Memories – Day 2

kid-made ornament
kid-made ornament

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me —

2 handmade bells

and a portrait to put on the tree.

So I must have looked at the mystery object so many years ago and wondered, “What in the world could that be?”

Son: “It’s a bell, mommy!”

Mom: “Well, of course it is!”

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure if it was made years ago by the now 10-year-old or the 5-year-old? But I do remember thinking early on, “Maybe I should throw this one away?” As parents, we have to pick and choose, of course, lest we lose our families in a sea of creativity.

I’m so glad I didn’t throw the bell ornament away. This year it was hung low near my 10-year-old’s Converse and I couldn’t help but think, “The boy who now wears size 4.5 shoes, made this?”

I love these personal ornaments. And when my boys start wearing men’s size 9 shoes, I’ll love it even more.

Even ornaments from my own childhood make the cut for our tree. (Thank you for saving them, mom!)

One is an angel I made in my sewing class in 8th grade. I still sew today, so to see stitching from one of my first projects helps me be thankful for the teachers who shared their wisdom with me so I can pass on the blessings.

So on this second day of Christmas, remember to include handmade ornaments from you, your kids and your own childhood. Don’t throw them all out! Each creative masterpiece can take on new meaning through the years.

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me – visit here tomorrow to see.

Ann's 8th-grade angel
Ann’s 8th-grade angel
make me a blessing
make me a blessing

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